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Cheri Spickard


CHERI'S MISSION is to help companies become more focused and thoughtful in their approach customer success management, resulting in increased retention and revenue. A well-respected leader, member of SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association) and Executive Women International, Cheri specializes in architecting, implementing, and managing strategic programs designed to foster trust, loyalty and collaboration among the Nation's top clientele as well as the executive teams she works with.

CHERI'S PASSION has been focused on digging into pain points as well as strategies of the customer, and fine-tuning a collaborative approach to doing business that instills a dynamic, synchronized plan for building deep consultative relationships. Through those relationships, a loyal, long-term business partnership evolves, which ultimately results in increased revenue and customer success.

Internally, Cheri is a "people person" who loves the challenge of building close-knit teams, and working across the organization to achieve results. Cheri is passionate about learning as well as mentoring others, and is a "Spunky" go-getter, that doesn't back down from internal challenges, or the chance to improve processes that affect her customers and her team.

Cheri was attracted to Strategic Account Management while working in the data storage industry with customers like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Oracle. Strategic Account Management has allowed her to build on her expertise in sales and business development, while focusing at an executive level, on deepening relationships and nurturing accounts to the fullest potential.

Today Cheri is focused on helping companies streamline customer success management processes and deliver lifetime customer value.  Cheri understands that a thoughtful strategic approach to managing your customer assets is of the utmost importance, and she is excited about making a difference.

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